The Spencer County Fair, Inc. has partnered with the North and South School Corporations and St. Bernards Catholic School on the TOPS recycling program.  To date, over the last 5 years, our student bodies, K-8, have collected over 16,000lbs. of plastic lids that will be converted into picnic tables and benches for our fair grounds! 

This year we are excited to announce the expansion of our program "Buddies Are T.O.P.S.!"  Our goal is to collect enough plastic to donate a bench, a Buddy Bench,  to each Spencer County elementary school.  We will kick off the "Buddies are T.O.P.S" at the Spencer County Fair in June with more info to follow at the beginning of the 2018/2019 school year.


Thanks to our Superintendents, Principals, Spencer County Solid Waste, and, most importantly, our students!!!!

Spencer County Fair delivered "Buddy Benches" to every elementary school in Spencer County in April of 2021.  We greatly appreciate each communities participation in our T.O.P.S. program.  Thank you to Toyota, TMMI for the granting opportunity to fulfill this goal.