Contact List:

 Vendor Booths                                                                                    AG Days

Chris Middleton    (812) 568-0525                                                                Kevin Burns (812)608-1820  Horseshow

Pageants                                                                                  Larry Thomas (812) 760-3110  Horseshoes   

Chris Middleton  (812) 649-4222                                                        Calvin Cash (812) 631-8491  Horseshoes                                                                

Danita Grosvenor (812) 649-4222                                                                                                                         


Corey Alvey  (812) 393-0370     Car and Truck                                             Physical Address                                                                            

Mike Kellems (812) 686-1838    Lawn Mower                                                 Spencer County Fair Grounds,  3289 E 400 N, Grandview IN  47615

Cecil Weedman (812) 686-1838 Power Wheel

 NPBA/NBHA HORSE SHOW                                                      Mailing Address

  Kent Burns  812-719-1688                                                                          Spencer County Fair Office, 326 N CR 350 W,  Rockport, IN   47635

  Kevin Burns 812-608-1620


 The Spencer County Fair, INC. strictly prohibit the use of any promotional materials including the distribution or sell of photos, tapes or DVD's without their express permission. Violation of these regulations constitutes event infringement and WILL BE PROSECUTED.

Check out our Docx. icon below for lodging information in Spencer County or go to for more information.

Check out our pdf icon below for lodging information in Spencer County or go to for more information on lodging and activities in beautiful Spencer County, Indiana!

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